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The original Rackers Co Meditation Course, reworked into the form of an eBook to help you get back to yourself.

The basics of mindfulness and meditation to help your introspection, getting in touch with your inner self, and serving all things you. This is the condensed version of the course – you can use these for reference and come back to them any time you feel it necessary!

It is filled with the benefits of meditation, learnings & prompts to help your introspection.

module 1
the basics of mindfulness & meditation

module 2
psychology of meditation, some really big fuck off words, common difficulties with turning off your thinking mind & our old pal Maslow and his hierarchy of needs.

module 3
science behind meditation, moving past the negative talk & recognising blocks in your mind.

module 4
connection between your body & mind, integrating walking meditation & listening to your body. AND emotions, anxiety and allowing yourself to sit with your feelings.

module 5
revisiting gratitude and implementing mindfulness in your daily life.
food for your mind & having a mindful relationship with your food + 12 recipes to use for good brain food!

module 6
the magic word of the moment ~ manifestation ~, mindfulness in the workplace! & the effects of meditation (whether you have noticed any + when you continue practice long term).