Aquarius, Poetry

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Aquarius, the water bearer --
you are free, independent, a dreamer
of worlds kinder, brighter.


Digital illustrations and poems designed for each zodiac with their personality & best qualities in mind. All pieces designed and written on intuition and with love by Rackers Co.

Printed on Inkjet

HUGE / 508 x 762 mm, 300 GSM Premium Rough Texture Paper.

A3 / 297 x 420 mm, 200 GSM Premium Paper Stock.

A4 / 210 x 297 mm, 200 GSM Premium Paper Stock.

A5 / 148 x 210 mm, 200 GSM Premium Paper Stock.

A6 / 105 x 148 mm, 200 GSM Premium Paper Stock.

Prints are sold individually + unframed. 
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All artwork is subject to copyright and any reproductions or use of this artwork without permission will be infringing copyright.