soulstice being: meditation course

soulstice being: meditation course

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Soulstice Being

/*səulstīs*/ [n.] soul, to stand still
Solstice comes from Latin - sol, sun - and sistere, to stand still

The purpose of Soulstice, as a branch of Rackers, is to guide you in being still & connecting with your soul.

Soulstice Being, as a course, is designed to guide you in the art of beingwithout judgement for self, through acknowledging without reacting, and feeling without fear.

Module 1 - (34mins, 47secs)
Incorporating mindfulness & setting intentions with meditation

Module 2 - (44mins, 16secs)
Getting in touch with your inner child

Module 3 - (53mins, 53secs)
Addressing limiting beliefs & habits, recognising blocks in your mind & negative self-talk

Module 4 - (1hour, 23mins, 23secs)
Connection with body & mind, meditation for mental wellness

Video teachings & self-work with prompts to do alongside them (including meditations within the video teachings). This course will be delivered right to you as a PDF, and yours to keep forever. Please save the videos from the dropbox links for you to use in the future!

Love & magic,

Rackers x