soulstice being: meditation course

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Soulstice Being

/*səulstīs*/ [n.] soul, to stand still
Solstice comes from Latin - sol, sun - and sistere, to stand still

The purpose of Soulstice, as a branch of Rackers, is to guide you in being still & connecting with your soul.

Soulstice Being, as a course, is designed to guide you in the art of beingwithout judgement for self, through acknowledging without reacting, and feeling without fear.

Module 1 -
Incorporating mindfulness & setting intentions with meditation

Module 2 -
Getting in touch with your inner child

Module 3 -
Addressing limiting beliefs & habits, recognising blocks in your mind & negative self-talk

Module 4 -
Connection with body & mind, meditation for mental wellness

Alongside of the modules - with video teachings & self-work to do alongside (which will have meditations within the video teachings), you will be provided with separate meditation recordings to use in your own time. This course will be delivered right to you, and yours to keep forever.

There are three ways to experience Soulstice Being; corporeally, conceptually & completely.

The conceptual option includes the digital course & action prompt PDF.

The corporeal option *currently unavailable due to issues with printing workbook* includes the digital course & a physical workbook to use through the course & beyond.

The workbook is designed by Rackers & printed on recycled paper in Rackers' studio; complete with journal prompts, pages dedicated to spilling your thoughts and feelings, and actions to take after the course modules.

The complete option includes the digital course, a bespoke Rackers meditation bracelet, & a home-brewed lavender oil roller to calm yourself before each meditation.

The bracelet is designed with love and intention; it has 20 small white pearl beads and one brown agate stone. The white pearl meaning is wisdom, and each pearl is there to guide you with deep breath work. The brown agate stone is for comfort and protection; the gentle energy of the brown agate is great for meditation, as it vibrates on a slower frequency but its energy has strength & stabilising properties. It is one of the greatest stones for balancing emotions, harmonisation & boosting intellectual and physical energy. This will come with both a video & a card explaining how to use the bracelet, and a bonus meditation with the course specifically for using the bracelet.


Love & magic,

Rackers x