Racquel, aka. owner and designer of Rackers, 28 year old writer and artist. I have practiced writing since I was a young girl, even publishing my own ‘newspaper’ in the Cubby House of my home with one reader; mum.

I went back to Uni in 2016 to study Bachelor of Writing, Majoring in Creative Writing & Literature Studies; and the idea of having to do Uni and work again stressed me to no end. I started creating digital artwork and painting on anything I could get my hands on, thus shop rackers, the online boutique, was born.

Now, I had been to Uni before, and some may say I was crazy to try to get a small business off the ground while I was studying again, but the stress I was feeling was not just this. I felt as if the weight of the world was on my shoulders, and a depression and anxiety disorder overwhelmed me in more ways than I can ever describe. Meditation was one of the main solace’s that helped me get back to myself, harness somewhat control over my mind, and handle my mental health. This then inspired me to study a Certificate in Meditation Teaching, so I can now aid others to do the same through my meditation teaching, Soulstice Meditation.

A little bit witchy, a lot of bit fun; I love things like magic & astrology – sun in Gemini & moon in Scorpio (I promise, I am easy to work with), and a Hufflepuff; all I want to do is learn, create & help people. Also I cry a lot. All pieces of magic created in my studio are sold here.

Want to work together to make a brand bursting with creativity and personality? Perhaps have a rad chicka in your ears through meditation recordings? Maybe even just get a cute lil custom illustration drawn up of one of your favourite moments. Read through the serviceswe offer, chuck us an email, and let’s have a cuppa.

Contact to collaborate or chat:
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