A Meeting of Magic (1:1)

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A meeting of souls.

Expanding in magic together.

Guidance on embracing slow living and prioritising you.

Nurturing you through your creativity and self-care; creating space to create.

A mix of guidance, counselling, tarot reading, meditation, creativity and love.

Together we will guide you on what you want to focus on, what is playing on your mind, and any guidance you feel you need; we can create personalised journal prompts that work for you. Depending on your beliefs and what you are into, we can play with small rituals and spells to create magic and call in what you desire.

As I get to know you, we will delve into expressive art therapies and find what form is best for you, and how you can make more time to create space to create, to nurture yourself through your creativity.

We meet for an hour, over tea, cacao, coffee (whatever takes your fancy), and we let you choose based on what your soul needs. Zoom or Google meets, whichever suits you - a link will be sent to you just before our meeting.

After this meeting, I will create a ten minute personalised meditation for you to use in your daily practice and a PDF of the journal prompts we create together.


A note: I am still studying counselling, so this is not covered by any governing bodies (besides your own sovereignty), but I commit to doing what is best for you and will go into each meeting with the utmost love and care. I am a qualified meditation guide so I am using a concoction of my learnings to create space, space for you.