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Turning to Art to Deal with Grief

This book comes in an ebook, PDF format. As soon as you purchase, the link to download will be sent to your email. It is a collection of essays written by Racquel, exploring grief and how art has the ability to save you.

9 personal essays about art, grief & all that comes with it. No matter what you’re grieving, it always comes back to what you knew your life to be before and what life ‘should have been’. Growing up, you paint yourself a picture of what life seems to be for adults; often, you spend your time waiting for the day you can make your own decisions, do your own thing, be completely your own person. You imagine falling in love, building your own family, pursuing an amazing career, and/or travelling the world. You think every friend you have made in your young years will see you through to your adult ones. As you grow older, you realise life won’t pan out how you pictured. You learn to balance the beautiful with the heartbreaking. You go to weddings, and then funerals. You watch new life come into the world, and you sit by the bed of someone who is taking their last breath. You lose jobs, you get your heart broken, you choose to walk away from friends who no longer add something to your life. You discover you can’t easily have children. 

It’s nuanced and complicated and entirely different for each individual person. There are worlds of ways to deal with the grief within life, whether that’s losing yourself in your work, reading to escape reality, running from your problems with exercise. Art is one of the ways to aid in expressing yourself, and in turn, facing your problems, learning self-awareness, staying in touch with your true feelings and letting them be heard rather than pushing them away.